The A.A.L.F. – Arts and Letters Association of
                 Freamunde was created by the enthusiasm of a small
                 group of friends that collaborated with a  local journal
                 called “Fredemundus” on the organization of “Jogos
                 Florais” (Floral Games), artistic and literary competitions
and several other exhibitions.

The formal signature that created the association was signed in
1995 (August 13th). It was established that the main purpose of the
recent association was the promotion of arts and letters and other
forms of culture, as well as, recuperating the native traditions.

Through out its existence, A.A.L.F. promoted several exhibitions of
local artists not only in Freamunde but also on its neighbour citys
(such as Lousada, Paredes, Penafiel, S. Pedro da Cova e
Bragança), produced several books, theatre plays, cultural games
and several cultural exchanges with the autonomous region of
Galicia (Spain) on themes like poetry, debate and music.

By its iniciative was created the annual handicraft fair, now on its 14th
year, which has a significant role on the promotion of this form of art
amongst young people.

A.A.L.F. also collaborates with other local associations such as: the
committee that organises the festivities in honour of Saint Sebastian
on their cultural week; A.P.O.J. and A.J.A.F. (local juvenile
associations) in, for example, “Folklore Festival” (2005), the
promotion of traditional games, debates and conferences.

On its own, has organized several literary debates often with the
participation of some national known writers, such as Mário Cláudio,
Cáceres Monteiro, José Carlos Vasconcelos and others…

The association also collaborates with the parish of Freamunde and
the City Council of Paços de Ferreira in the festivities of Freamunde’s
birthday, and the production of books related to the region.

On 2004 created the “Ensemble Vocal de Frreamunde” a vocal
ensemble conducted by the maestro Silvio Cortez.

A.A.L.F. in association with A.J.AF., the Theatre Group of Freamunde
(G.T.F.) and the musical association payed a tribute to the creator of
G.T.F. Fernando Santos Edurisa Filho. In 2007 collaborated with the
city council on the organization of “Young September”.