Freamunde is in the north of Portugal,
                                         integrating the council of Paços de
                                         Ferreira. It’s also located near O’Porto, the
                                         airport and the Atlantic Ocean. With about
                                         8500 inhabitants, Freamunde is the
                                         densely populated town in the

The climate is mild and humid due to it’s location on a medium
height area, making agriculture profitable and one of the most
important economic activities, just like the furniture industry, which
was born here.

With the newly created A42 highway, Freamunde is just at 15
minutes from O’Porto, from the international airport and the
international port of Leixões.

Though Freamunde had been entitled as a town on the 19th April
2001, its history began long time ago. It stated being inhabited by
several different people throughout the year, taking profit of a time of
agricultural development.

The name Freamunde has a German origin and it means “peace
and protection”.
Freamunde used its natural resources to attract inhabitants, valuing
the best qualities of each people here arrived to create new
development opportunities.

Freamunde has also very active associations on the sport, religious,
cultural and artistic fields that show and help to a continuous
Nowadays, Freamunde has a police station, a fire department,
schools, a post office, a theatre, a library, a public swimming pool, a
park and great sport facilities.

For those who want to visit Freamunde and spend the night here,
there are some luxurious and cosy places, preserving rural
characteristics and surrounded by green areas.
There are in Freamunde many interesting and historical places to be
visited. They mark the popular origins of this people, being also
pleasurable places to open-air meetings and enjoyment.

Located in an area surrounded by trees, near the city, the town’s park
is the right place to meet the green and to enjoy moments of calm
and harmony. It’s a large area where you can practice some sports,
such as fishing, tennis or radical sports. You can also go there just
for a walk or to have a picnic on the grass. It’s also here that in June,
there is a Folklore Festival with groups coming from all over the

Located in the city centre you can find the “House of Culture”. It
gathers the library, an auditorium and an exhibitions area.
In Freamunde, you can also find different churches and other
religious places, just like many different monuments, each one a
witness and a mark of this people’s identity and history
Freamunde - Paços de Ferreira