Studied piano with the
                                                             Professors Marco Oliveira,
                                                             Theodora Howell and nowadays
he is working with Angel Gonzalez. He uses to present himself as a
pianist, playing with several in many different concert rooms.

He is a Bachelor in Musical Direction (Choir and Orchestra), a
course concluded with a high mark, in the Conservatory Superior Of
Gaia, where he had the chance to work with conductors like: Mário
Mateus, Manuel Ivo Cruz and Gerald Kegelmann. He is also a
degree in History and Theory of Music, by the University of Évora.

He studies chant with Fernanda Correia and participates in several
seminars of body expression, oriented by Jane Davidson.
He also participates in several seminars of musical analysis and
instrumentation, oriented by Alvaro Salazar. Improvement courses of
Brass instruments conducting, by the professor Saúl Silva are
equally attended.

Attended Master classes of Orchestra Direction with the Conductor
Sergei Stadler, and worked as an assistant of the Conductor Manuel
Ivo Cruz  in the operas “ Magic Flute” – Mozart, and “ Amahl and the
night visitors “ – Menotti.

From the repertory he has presented in concert, we can highlight the
pieces: Stravinsky Messe, The Christmas Cantata of Roy Ringwald,
Coronation Messe of Mozart, Clavichord concert in F minor of Bach,
Christmas Oratory  of Saint-Saëns, A minor Concert for Violin of
Vivaldi, D major concert for Guitar of Vivaldi, Cantata Nº 4 ( Christ lag
in Todes Banden ) of Bach, Messiah of Händel, among others, as
well as a vast choral repertory. Recently, due to an invitation from the
Conservatory Calouste Gulbenkien, he conducted an orquestra of 95
guitars, where have been played renacentist pieces.
Maestro Sílvio Cortez

Initiated musical studies as a
free course in Paços de
Ferreira, and then attended
the Music Academy of
Paredes, where he finished
the basic course. After that,
goes to the Conservatory of
Oporto, where he would
conclude the complementary
courses of musical
Formation and Piano


.     Since 2000, he has been
conducting the choirs of the
Music Academy in Paredes,
where he also teaches the
Acoustic subject.
He is also, since 2004, the
musical director of the Vocal
Ensemble of Freamunde
and conducts also the
“Ecoromia”, the Choir of the Economy Faculty, in the Oporto

Recently, he began conducting the Choir of the Musical Academy in
Since last year, Sílvio Cortez was also chosen to manage the music
teaching department in the Primary Schools of Paços de Ferreira.